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Boys Brigade opens in Bloxham for the very first time. 5 Anchor boys attend.

A kind donation from Taylor Wimpey Homes enables Bloxham BB to purchase company colours and sports equipment.



Junior Section opens.



Drummers from Bloxham BB lead the Remembrance parade through Bloxham for the first time.



A kind donation from National Grid will enable Bloxham BB to launch a Company Section in 2012.



A kind donation enables Bloxham BB to purchase drums.

Company Section opens.



Bloxham BB hold their first Camp at Hook Norton with 10 Juniors in the Field Centre and 5 Company lads under canvas on the school field.

Bloxham BB runs YLT course for new leaders.



Bloxham BB granted £2,200 from the New Build Bonus by Bloxham Parish Council to purchase camping and sports equipment.

A further substantial donation enables Bloxham BB to purchase new bugles.

Bloxham Boys' Brigade bugle band is officially launched at Bloxfest 2014.

Steve Dickinson, Brigade Secretary inspects the company.



Revd Dale Gingrich appointed as new vicar and BB chaplain.

Anchors Section closed as the leadership of Bloxham Boys' Brigade decided to focus on providing an enhanced and extended programme of activities for Juniors and Company Sections.



Bloxham Boys' Brigade to host a regional Get Active 2017 event on behalf of BB England.



Bloxham Boys' Brigade become an independent BB group, not attached to any Battalion or District, and free to create networks with other like-minded and traditional BB groups across the UK.

Membership of Juniors reaches an all time high (23) and no less than 9 boys are promoted from Juniors to Company Section at the end of the 2017/18 session.

Bloxham Boys' Brigade host a YLT course for the proposed new BB in Middleton Cheney.

Seniors section opens. 6 young men start working towards the President's and Queen's Badges.



Company/Seniors membership reaches a record high (22) and a waiting list is introduced.

A grant of £1,200 is awarded by Bloxham Parish Council to help us gain CIO status.

The Charity Commission approve our CIO application and Bloxham Brigade CIO is formed.

Company/Seniors enter national competitions for the first time, teams progress well in the Chess, Badminton and MasterTeam competitions.



Our MasterTeam win the England final and miss out on the UK finals in Northern Ireland due to Covid 19.

Bloxham BB is suspended in March 2020 due to Covid 19. Limited face-to-face meetings start again in September, but the programme moves online from October 2020 due to social distancing and lockdowns.



Four of our Seniors, all Sergeants, complete the President's Badge programme with nearly 40 years service in BB between them.

First member, having served in the Anchors, Juniors, Company and Seniors completes the youth leader training course and qualifies to be a leader in the organisation.

Anchors reopened in attempt to rebuild the company following Covid. 11 Anchors recruited by the

end of the first week, with others waiting to join when they turn 5.

The company mourns the loss of Ray Atkinson (Queen's Man, former member/Captain of 2nd Hendon Coy., and OIC of our Seniors/Company) and William Frazer (Former member of 1st Kings Sutton Coy., and Warrant Officer in our Seniors/Company)


Bloxham BB helps Kings Sutton Baptist Church relaunch a BB group.

A team consisting of four Seniors/Company lads finish 1st in the BB National Top Teams Challenge.



Patrick Dickins becomes our first Queen's Man by completing the Queen's Badge.








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