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Leadership team and office holders 2023

Our registered leaders are as follows:


Stuart Cowan* (Lt) (Juniors)

Craig Fraser#* (Lt) (3rd Inverness) (OIC Company)

Melville George* (Lt) (OIC Juniors) CIO Trustee

Max Hart* (Lt) (1st Bloxham) (Company)

Steph Heigold* (Lt) (Anchors)

Michael Rafferty* (Lt) (OIC Anchors)

Joe Skinner (WO) (1st Bloxham & 1st Deddington) (Company)

Heather Westbury*$+= (Lt) (Anchors, Juniors & Company)

Nick Westbury*&c (2nd Witney) (Captain) CIO Trustee & Member of the BBUK Finance Committee


Our registered helpers are as follows:


Tim Cooper (Anchors, Juniors & Company) CIO Trustee

Candice Hinds-George (Anchors & Juniors)

Tom McInerney (Company)

Annette Murphy (Anchors)

Emma Roberts (Juniors)


Our young person volunteer helpers are as follows:


Scarlett D (Anchors) (young helper)

Ellie P (Anchors) (young helper)

Sean P (Juniors) (member)

Jack T (Juniors) (member)

Gabriel T (Anchors) (member)



Revd Dale Gingrich (Vicar of St Mary's Church, Bloxham)

Revd Mike Tydeman (Pastor, Bloxham Baptist Church)




Rt Revd Gavin Collins, Bishop of Dorchester# (2nd East Grinstead)


Other trustees of the CIO

Steve Pargeter (12th East Surrey)

Independent Examiner

Lewis Wallington (1st Deddington)



Former BB member (company attended as a boy)  


# BB Queens badge

        * BB Youth Leader Training or KGVI         

+ Trained first aider

l Lifesaver Training

= Food Hygiene Certificate

$ BB Holiday Leadership Training

£ BB Camp Craft Training

& Oxford Diocese Safeguarding Training

c BB Captains Training


SSgt - Staff Sergeant

WO - Warrant Officer/KGVI officer cadet

Lt - Lieutenant

Capt - Captain



We are always looking for new leaders and helpers.

If you would like to join us please do not hesitate to contact us for more information and an application form.

NB: BB leaders and helpers are subject to DBS checks. We also take references prior to appointment.

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